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I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

上周和朋友吃饭,听着餐厅用流行歌做BGM,聊起歌词的意思。朋友表示英文歌词都没什么深度,都是很肤浅直白的句子,比如艾薇儿、霉霉、Maroon 5 的歌大多都这样。我表示不同意,只是我们不知道哪些有深度的歌词而已,就像周杰伦的青花瓷老外大多没听过,歌词写得好的英文歌咱也很多都没听过。当时我一时没想出实例支持我的论点,后来想想,不少耳熟能详的英文老歌歌词都不错,比如 Scarborough Fair, The Sound of Silence, 歌词都很棒值得细细品味。

昨天看一本并行运算的书,书的每章开头都会有一段引用文字作为引子,用来科普小历史或者纯粹增加趣味。其中关于数据依赖关系(Dependences)那一章的开头就引用了一句歌词 “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”,来自 Bob Seger 的 “Against the Wind”。原歌词讲述了故事主角经历了很多世事之后怀念当初年轻时懵懂但拥有的那种兴奋感,现在放在“数据依赖”的语境下又多了一层玩味,看得出写这本书的几位科学家也是有感情有趣的有血有肉的人呢。

在网上搜这句歌词,找到了一位 blogger 叫做 musingsofanoldfart (musings of an old fart),写了一篇以这句歌词为题目的 blog,里面收集了一些值得品味的歌词,读着觉得很有感觉,特此分享一下。原 po 在这里 original post,以下是原文:

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

by musingsofanoldfart

I have always been a big fan of interesting song lyrics. The coining of a phrase that says more than the few words used in the song make it memorable.The above title comes from a Bob Seger song “Against the Wind” as he laments it was more exciting not knowing some things when you were younger about love and life. The following sample lyrics are not necessarily my favorites, but they are a few that represent my fascination with good wordsmithing.

“See, the number on the matchbook is old and faded,” is a line from Jim Croce’s song “Operator.” He is struggling to find the number of an old girlfriend who ran off with his “best old ex-friend Ray.” Since it was written on a matchbook, it means it was probably written down in a bar, maybe when she let him know she was leaving.

“Just like a paperback novel, the kind the drugstore sells,” comes from Gordon Lightfoot’s “If you could read my mind.” He has several like this in the song, but to me he describes the cheesy romance novels you can buy in a drugstore where the hero saves the day. This is a melancholy song about people who can’t reclaim the love they once had, so the hero references are fantasy and not reality.

“Clowns to the left of me, joker’s to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you,” is a Stealers Wheel song whose title is the last phrase of the song lyric. The song can mean so many things, but it shows that we are in this together and we need to ignore the fools on either side telling us what to do. It is also a good metaphor for our political stalemate.

Bob Dylan wrote and sang “How many ears must one man have, before he can hear people cry.” The song made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary’s rendition sung on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial beside Martin Luther King is called “Blowing in the Wind.” There are great references throughout this song, but I like this one the most as African-Americans have been maltreated for so long and it seemed to resonate more.

When people think of Rush, they do not first think of lyrics, but their many songs are replete with excellent wordsmithing. In the song “Free will” the words that resonate with me are “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” I found this very poignant as many do not realize that by not doing something, they are making a choice. A good example is choosing not to vote believing it makes no difference. Yet, by not voting, the lesser of two candidates can be elected making a problem worse.

Of course, no list would be complete without some reference to a Beatles song. In “Lady Madonna,” Paul McCartney sings “Lady Madonna, children at your breast, it’s a wonder how you manage to feed the rest.” This line speaks volumes of the difficulties in raising children, but especially in poverty or near poverty when you are a single parent.

Let me close with romantic song from David Gates of “Bread.” The lyric goes “When my love for life has all run dry, you’ll come and pour yourself on me.” This lyric from the song “If” resonates with me as we pick each other up. He has done all he can and needs help, so his lover comes and pour herself on him to bring his spirits back to life.

I would love to hear your reaction to these and for you to share some of your favorites. These were top of mind, so I have overlooked many great lyrics.

(The End)

原 po 的评论里面还有提到别的歌词,也值得去看看。