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Resume Octopress Blogging From a New Computer

I recently switched to a new computer. The switch isn’t too messy because I basically have all my data backed up, either on Google Drive or on GitHub.

One thing I wanted to make sure is that I can still update this blog, which is hosted using Octopress. But to be honest, until recently I am not really good at using git and GitHub, so it took me some time to figure out what I need to do to resume blogging with Octopress.

Logically, the key concept with Octopress is that it uses a ghost branch. All the source files for my blog is tracked NOT by the master branch, but by a ghost branch (named “source” under the Octopress framework) that is completely unrelated to the master branch in terms of git history – it’s a hanging branch that lives in a parallel world albeit in the same repo, hence the name “ghost branch.”

Another important thing with Octopress is to find out how the local blog is deployed onto GitHub Pages. This also took me a little bit to figure out. It turns out that my blog is first generated under a _deploy folder, and then that folder is synced to the master branch on the repo.

Summarizing the two paragraphs above, Octopress is organizing my blog in the following way:

|--source files (tracked by ghost branch)
   |--github page files (tracked by master branch)

Apparently, it is not the best practice to use a ghost branch, also not the best practice to use the master branch to track a sub-folder of the ghost branch. These are some twisted logic puzzles for the mind. But that’s how Octopress works!

Once the logic is clear, I only need to do the following three things to resume blogging:

1. Clone source from ghost branch (my ghost branch named source)

git clone -b source

2. Clone GitHub Page (to a sub-directory _deploy) from master branch

mkdir _deploy
git clone _deploy

3. Re-install the plugins for my blog

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Of course, you need to have installed the Bundler to use the bundle command, and to do that on a Mac you will probably need to first install rbenv for smoothly running your blog by executing Ruby commands. In other word, you will need to set up your environment again for Octopress, which I have covered in my first blog post (in Chinese).